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國立陽明大學 國際事務處 NYMU Office of International Affairs - Exchange Program (at least 1 semester)

Exchange Program (at least 1 semester)

Introduction to NYMU Semester Exchange Program

National Yang-Ming University is located in Taiwan’s capital city Taipei, as a top research-oriented university in Asia, we've built relationship with outstanding research institutes, laboratories and universities in the world. Each year, we welcome many exchange students from sister universities, students are here to join a short-term research programs, practical training in clinics and semester exchange program.

What Program should I take?

We have semester-long, short-term exchange program for bachelor level students, also for master and doctoral lever students, you are welcome to join the Research Program.

Application Information

Semester-term program

I would love to start the program from... I should submit the application…
Fall Semester (Starting from September) By 1 May
Spring Semester (Starting from February) By 1 November

Most or our bachelor courses are taught in Chinese.

We have a full-English International Health Program and some other Postgraduate programs:

  • l       International Health Program
  • l       Department and Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  • l       Department and Institute of Pharmacology
  • l       Institute of Biophotonics

Other Departments and Institutions please see the link bellowed:


Lab internships are also welcome.

How to apply?

Please follow below process:

Required Documents:

Exchange Program
Please submit your application 3 months before at least you plan come to Taiwan.
  1. Inbound Exchange Application Form (Appendix 1 )
  2. Study plan (Appendix 2-1)

(One of the required document for applying VISA)

  1. Visiting or Exchange Student Regulation (Appendix 3 )
  2. Health Certificate (Appendix 4 )

(You can send me the copy of the health certificate in your homeland, but it must to prove that you don’t have the diseases or the vaccination sufficient proof.)

  1. Record booklet of vaccine of measles and rubella
  2. Copy of student ID card (front and back side)
  3. Copy of Passport
  4. Transcripts from last semester
  5. Passport Photo (jpg format)

   The required proof of the health certificate:

You should submit the documents bellowed to me (Office of International Affairs) while you registration at NYMU :

1. The original certificate or record booklet of vaccine of measles and rubella

If you couldn’t provide the proof of the vaccine, you have to shot the vaccine of measles and rubella in 14 days after you arriving Taiwan.

2. The photo of X-ray of your chest or the official explanation that the photo of your X-ray is normal that you don’t have the Tuberculosis.

If you couldn’t provide the proof of the vaccine, you have to take an X-ray of your chest in 14 days after you arriving Taiwan.

3. The copy of the ITEMS REQUIRED FOR HEALTH CERTIFICATE (Form B)(健康檢查證明英檢查項目表(乙表))

Course Information

Bachelor Master / Ph.D.

Most undergraduate programs are open to exchange students.

   Department of Medicine and Dentistry are currently not open to exchange students.

All postgraduate institutes are open to students, including those who wish to apply in laboratory rotations and research projects.
Languages All bachelor courses are taught in Chinese.

Most postgraduate courses are taught in Chinese.

   For students who apply to lab rotation and research project, English or Chinese are available.

English programs

Practical Training in

  •         Department of Nursing
  •          Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology

are taught in English

  • International Health Program (M.S./Ph.D.)
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Bachelor/ M.S.)
  • Institute of Biophotonics (M.S./Ph.D.)
  • Institute of Microbiology and Immunology (M.S./Ph.D.)

For more information please visit



OIA Contact person:

Ms. Ina Huang

Phone: 02-28267000  ext7393

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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